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Сообщение Lenusya » 16.10.2016, 18:09

Здравствуйте, огромная просьба ппроверитьэссе С2 на тему "социальный этикет в России"
Заранее благодарна!!!
Social Etiquette in Russia
Many people believe that culture of Russia is very different. There are a lot of traditions in Russia. What do we know about etiquette in Russia?
In my opinion Russians are very warm and hospitable people. First of all, they enjoy meeting new people and like to invite people to their homes for food and conversation. For example, when they greet people they know well, they kiss them on both cheeks to say: ‘hello and goodbye’. Secondly, when Russian people meet a person for the first time, they usually shake hands each other. They usually smile as they introduce themselves. Finally, it is a rule in most homes to take off shoes at the door and put on a pair of slippers.

On the other hand, some people clam that social etiquette in Russia the worst. Meals are usually big and do harm to our half. Besides, the Russians are very friendly and ones can speak a lot of, but they work very little.

I strongly disagree with this view, because Russia is multi cultural country. Teenagers study etiquette all life long. Etiquette helps us to do true choice in clothes.

Despite other people’s opinion I still believe that culture of Russian people will be the best. Students like to be interested in social etiquette in Russia.(217 words)




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