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People need to learn foreign languages mainly to build a good career.

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Сообщение Mila-M. » 09.05.2015, 02:02

Most people understand that without knowledge of foreign languge it is difficult to survive in the modern world.Nowadays some people may hold the opinion that plenty of people learn foreign languages for their furure profession.Others think that everybody has different reasons for learning.
In my opinion,most of people learn languages for different goals.For example,somebody wants to know the culture of other countries and expand your outlook.Besides,there are people who learn foreign language for traveling because it is so important to adapt and communicate freely.In addition,it is important to say that learning languages is a good exircise for the intellect.Moreover,knowledge of foreign languages give a good chance to find a well-paid job.
However,some people think that people learn languages for only reason to get a good job,because nowadays the most prestigious and well-paid jobs are in foreign countries.To add to it,they are sure that in our modern world the majority of profession require knowledge of a foreign language.
Pesonally,I can't agree with the above mentioned opinion because a native country has a lot of jobs giving good opportunities for achieving the success in your career.
In conclusion,I want to say that learning languages is extremely beneficial and there are many reasons to learn languages.

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I made a mistake in a word "languages" in the first sentence. :weirdface:
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Сообщение English Guru » 10.05.2015, 14:31

Mila-M. писал(а):knowledge of foreign languge
Mila-M. писал(а):are people who learn foreign language
languages или ставьте артикль

Mila-M. писал(а):and expand your outlook.
Мой? :weirdface: their

Mila-M. писал(а):to get a good job,because nowadays the
Запятая перед because - лишняя

Mila-M. писал(а):can't
Не сокращайте слова в эссе. Cannot

Mila-M., мне понравилось!

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