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Graffiti - form of expressing art or vandalism?

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Сообщение Elena_59 » 23.06.2015, 19:52

Nowadays there are different kinds of art and one of the most popular is graffiti. However, some people are against such creativeness. They think that graffiti is vandalism and people shouldn’t do it.
In my opinion, skill of graffiti is amazing workmanship. First of all, graffiti is the best way of town decoration. In a city there are a great number of boring and similar skyscrapers. Every person wants to see some new and unusual and to be of good cheer when he or she is going to work. Secondly, graffiti is the great way of self-expression. Painters of graffiti have wonderful imagination and a big space for art. They can share their art with the entire city and present people their beautiful creations.
Despite this, many people don’t like such kind of art. They think that a majority of painters draws on garages, fences etc. They just spoil property and don’t care about harm which they do.
I disagree with such opinion. When graffiti only appears at the first time as art people really paints everywhere. But now there are special places for this creativeness.
To sum up, I’d like to say that graffiti is wonderful art and people should develop it and use as decoration of their everyday life.
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