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Some people think it is acceptable to use the animals for benefits of human being

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Сообщение Beam » 24.06.2015, 16:24

Some people think it is acceptable to use the animals in any way for benefits of human beings, while others think it is not justifiable. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

We live in an interdependable world and each of us is a member of a long foodchain. Each of us has his our mission that his is destined to commit. In my point of view the nature has delegated responsibilities so accurately and to be happy and success each of us has to keep it.
The human, compare to the animal, is a more developed creature. We have intellect, hands and legs, language to use etc. So, no doubt, human has much more potential, however the responsibilities and obligations are also wider.
since we live in the world where exchanging processes are going on all the time, we should make peace at the fact that sometimes sacrifice one thing for the sake of other - that is supposed to be more useful for the worlds in total. In my point of view, sacrifice for the grater good is always justifiable. And it’s okey if people test on the rabbits some new vaccine that is supposed to save lives of thousands of people.
however there are some problems of this issue.
sometimes people abuse their power and kill or negatively impact on the animals without any worthy idea. Like just for fun or simple curiosity.
Another issue is confusing in defining the criteria of worthiness. I mean who are authorised enough to define it? Since that, I appeal everyone thinking over accurately and responsibly before exploit the weaker creatures.
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Сообщение Beam » 25.06.2015, 11:55

Добрый день!
Просмотрите, пожалуйста, моё эссе..
хотелось бы понять в чем ошибки, где я не корректно употребляю слова и выражения.
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Сообщение English Guru » 25.06.2015, 18:25

Beam писал(а):each of us is a member of a long foodchain.
лучше everyone и далее тоже

Beam писал(а):Each of us has his our mission
has his or her own mission

Beam писал(а):that his is destined to commit.
he is

Beam писал(а):In my point of view
From my piont of view

Beam писал(а):to be happy and success

Beam писал(а):compare to the animal,

Beam писал(а):make peace at the fact
странное выражение

Beam писал(а):grater good

Beam писал(а):impact on the animals
impact как глагол - без предлога

Даже не знаю, как оценивать. Это эссе написано не по формату... Пишите по этому шаблону...
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Сообщение Beam » 26.06.2015, 16:07

Thanks your checking /
Sorry, here "make peace at the fact" I meant "make peace WITH the fact"
That means "to accept"
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