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Essay: "Environmental Protection"

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Сообщение Софи » 05.09.2015, 23:32

Nowadays, there are global problems, which destructive our environmental. Some people clearly understand it, and therefore take sare of nature. And other people use natural resources, but don't protect our planet from littering, water and air pollution and so on.
In my opinion, we should remember that environment is our home and we must value and respect of it all the time. Besides, people make groups with the huge movement for environmental protection. And I am one of them.
Firstly, many species of animals and birds have disappeared or die every year, because human being has polluted their natural homes.
Secondly, people cut down more trees, build more roads, and use more land for farming. This leaves fewer jungles, fields and forests for wildlife.
But on the other hand, mankind make use of environmental resources for their own vital activity.
First of all, people cut the trees down, because they need wood and paper or new places for houses.
Also, human being can't work and create without wastes in our technological century.
I disagree with it, pollution can be reduced gradually. Governments should take measures that will help to improve the environment. If we clean up after ourselves, natural conditions will get better.
In conclusion, pollution is very dangerous for people, wildlife and nature. Let's protect the environment that surrounds us.
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