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Some people say that the inventions of email and text messaging...

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Сообщение katons » 29.02.2016, 22:10

ТЕМА(в заголовок не поместилась): Some people say that the inventions of email and text messaging have been wonderful for communication between people. However, some people that this kind of communication has disadvantages as well as advantages.

Само эссе:

Our world is constantly changing. There are a lot of new technologies that appear every day. For example, text messages and emails. These new ways of communication are ambiguous: they provide us some new ways of communication, but they also have some disadvantages. So, let us discuss this question.

I Think that emails and texts messages have more advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, Emails and text messages allow us to send messages on big distances for a short time. Secondly , using these technologies are more comfortable: u don’t need to buy an envelope and a stamp to send your letter. Thirdly, you have more opportunities to exchange information using email and text messages: you can attach video, music, photo and etc. to you letter.

However, some people do not agree with me. They say that communication using new technologies is not a communication in general because people don’t contact with each other face to face. In addition, they assume that corresponding using email and text messages is harmful for health.

I do not agree with such point of view. You can attach a video in your letter, so u will contact with your interlocutor face to face. In addition, I think, that writing a lot of letters can be harmful for health too.

In conclusion, I can say that it is good that there are many new ways of communication in our world. Nevertheless, many men many minds.
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Сообщение English Guru » 24.03.2016, 16:19

katons писал(а):have more advantages and disadvantages
:spy: than?

katons писал(а):using these technologies are more comfortable
is more comfortable

katons писал(а):u don’t need to buy
you do not need to

katons писал(а):I think, that writing a lot of letters
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