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Teenagers should be allowed to read whatever books they like

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Сообщение Сайыына » 11.04.2016, 11:56

There is multitude of various books to fit every taste nowadays. Teenagers claim that adults should not prevent them from reading whatever book they like. Оn the contrary, parents and teachers hesitate about useful impact of some suspicious literary works on youg generation.
Personally, I strongly believe that some books should be avoided from teenagers. There are several reasons to be said on favour of this point of view. First of all, the content of some books may not appropriate to the age of youngsters. Secondly, a plot may consist of violent and aggressive scenes. As a consequence, such kind of books can damage children's mind and make them cruel.
Nevertheless, some people reckon that as we live in the modern world, so everyone has the right to read whatever he or she mostly prefers. Moreover, according to their opinion, every literary works worth to be read because they all have their own peculiarities.
However, I absolutely disagree with the abovementioned ideas. Although everyone is free in choosing of literary work there is age restriction which does not allow children to get to know them. Besides, I am convinced that young generation should read only classics, because classical literature teaches them honour, kindness and morality.
To sum up, there are two opposite opinions on this problem. I am sure that teenagers should read only proper books.
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Сообщение Сайыына » 12.04.2016, 08:33

можете проверить, пожалуйста?
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Сообщение English Guru » 15.04.2016, 18:39

Сайыына писал(а):There is multitude of various books
Спорный момент, я бы написал There are a multitude...

Сайыына писал(а):youg

Сайыына писал(а):books should be avoided from teenagers.
avoid так не употребляется http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/avoid

Сайыына писал(а):on favour of this point of view.
in favor of

Сайыына писал(а):may not appropriate
be appropriate

Сайыына писал(а):every literary works

Сайыына писал(а):works worth to be read because
is worth reading

Сайыына писал(а):in choosing of
предлог не нужен

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