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Only people who earn a lot of money are successful.

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Сообщение katons » 12.04.2016, 15:36

Success is a very important thing in our world. It is very popular to be successful, everybody wants to be successful. But what does it mean: to be successful? Some people say that only money can make a person successful. Other people say that there are many things that make a person successful. So, let us discuss this question.

In my opinion, success is not only about money. Firstly, the are a lot of professions where you do not need to earn a lot of money to become successful. For example, Chekhov. He was not very rich, but he is a famous writer in and whole world and I can not say that he is not a successful person. Secondly, there are a lot of people, who got a lot of money, but did not get any success. Because when they were earning money, their lives passed by. They became rich, but they lost their families, friends and health. In my opinion, they are not successful.

However, other people believe that money makes you success. They suggest that if you have a fashionable car, expensive watch and a big house, you are successful and you do not need anything else.

I do not agree with it. I think that it is a very primitive position to estimate our life only in money.
In conclusion, I want to say that money is important thing. Nevertheless, our life is not only about money, and people can become successful even without millions of dollars. But many men many minds.
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