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It's more enjoyable to live in a big family.

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Сообщение Ivan the Great. » 24.04.2016, 19:16

How to live more enjoyable? Is it when family consists of two or three people or when there are five and more? People’s opinions differ on this matter. Let us discuss this issue.

In my opinion, it is all up to persons who are building their family, but as for me, I am the only children in my family and I enjoy being him. Firstly, if a child is one in the family it means that all attention is given to him. Secondly, there is no opportunity for a child to share something with someone, everything belongs to him. Finally, if parents go away for some days he or she can have a good rest while there is no one at home.

Nevertheless, there are people who think differently. Firstly, they say that if a child grows up as one in his family he will become an egoist. Moreover, they argue that it is very boring for a child to live as one in the family.

I am completely disagree with this position. It cannot go further than being an immature claim. Firstly, it is all up to a child and parents influence on him whether to become an egoist or not. Secondly, in my opinion, it is not boring to live as one in the family, because if there is no one at home he or she can call his or her friends or girlfriends and have a great party or just a good time.

To summarize, I want to say that it is a controversial issue and it is all up to people whether to enjoy living in a big family or not.

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