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What do you think about Academic mobility?

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Сообщение Ivan the Great. » 07.05.2016, 17:12

I have always wondered why there is so much talk about Academic mobility. Some people say that it is good, while others think differently. Let us discuss this issue.

In my opinion, students of the 21st century are very lucky. Firstly, nowadays every University has such thing as “Academic mobility” it means that any student can go on exchange to another University to improve his education there. Secondly, it is world of possibilities, the world of international perspectives and Academic mobility is a good chance for a person to demonstrate himself. Moreover, when a person is young and full of energy all roads are open in front of him.

Nevertheless, there are people who think differently. According to them going to another University for an exchange is stupid. Firstly, because it is better to finish education where you began it. Secondly, it is expensive and inefficient.

However, this position cannot go further than being an immature claim. Firstly, if a person learns well at the University he or she can go for an exchange for free. Secondly, everyone who will go for an exchange will get a lot of new relations, perspectives and impressions. Moreover, any person will get a lot of experience during the time of an exchange.

To sum up, I want to say that Academic mobility is one of the best things for students nowadays. And if a person will get a chance to go for an exchange he or she needs not to lose it.


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