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Some teenagers dream of becoming rich whereas others consider it to be rather dangerous

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Nowadays a huge number of teenagers are aimed to become rich when they grow up. However, many adults reckon that being wealth can be rather dangerous.
Personall I strongly believe that rich people's life is not such a fairytale because they have a lot of problems. There are several reasons to be said in favour of this point of view. Firstly, a successful businessman who possess much money has many rivals that can order an assassin to kill him. Secondly, burglars and robbers always try to thieve luxirious things from mansions of the rich. Finally, wealth people's families may be kidnapped by angry and envious criminals who can demand a great deal of money from the rich for giving back their relatives unharmed.
Nevertheless, some youngsters still desire richness claiming that it is very advantageous. According tp their opinion, it can provide them happy life because with the help of money they will be able to buy expensive cars, houses and what not. Moreover, they say that in case of attempt of homicide wealth people have guards that will protect them from it.
I absolutely disagree with the abovementioned ideas. It is impossible to be happy when the safety of your life is in a threat all the time. Besides, even the best guard cannot save you from murderers as there are many examples of assassination of different famous rich individuals.
Taking everything into consideration, I am convinced that richness can be very dangerous.
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