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Exams are a fair way of testing students

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Every person who graduates from school or who studies takes exams. Some people think that exams assess students' knowledge in a fair way whereas others disagree with this statement.
Personally, I strongly believe that exams are just way of checking what individuals have learned before. There are several reasons to be said in favour of this point of view. Firstly, everyone is in the same conditions in exams so nobody can cheat. Secondly, tests consist of various kinds of tasks that examine thoroughly one's intellectual skills and capabilities.
Nevertheless, it has become popular for others to claim that writing tests is not very fair because somebody can somehow use the Internet and crib everything from it. According to their opinion, students sometimes cannot fully show in exams their profound knowledge because of stress and anxiety even though they are clever indeed.
However, I absolutely disagree with the abovementioned ideas. To begin with, there are a lot of new technological inventions that do not allow a person to cheat. Besides, a number of specialized people who supervise students in exams increased dramatically. In addition, stress cannot be an excuse for failing test because everyone should brace himself or herself before an exam.
To sum it up, there are two opposite points of view on this problem. As for me, I am convinced that an exam is the best method to test pupils.
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