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Our grandparents say their way of life was much more secure.

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Сообщение Movshanya » 10.08.2016, 11:45

Our grandparents say their way of life was much more secure. However, young people have more life opportunities nowadays.

There is no doubt that the present way of life differs from the one that people had in the past. However, while young people appreciate the advantages og the modern lifestyle, it is criticized byolder people.

In my opinion, nowadays young people are offered many more life opportunities than in the past. To begin with, due technological progress teenagers can travel all around the world and expand their outlook. In addition, the Internet allows talented people to show their achievements and to find a good job in ane part of the world. What is more, new technology has made our eveday lives more easier ,therefore, we can spend more tine on our education and leisure activities.

However, modern life is full of dangers. Thousands of people are infected with incureable diseases every day. Moreover, people suffer from the extinction of rare animals and plants, pollution, violence which exists in the modern world.

But i can't agree with this opinion. Firstly, nowadays teenagers are aware of the bad effects of drug addiction and take care of their health. Secondly, people have techonologies to protect our life from possible problem: we can controll pollution, recycle waste materials, have animal sanctuaries that help people save endangered species. As for violence, crime has always exsisted in the world but today we have better ways of protection.

To sum it up, modern life has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it gives us more life opportunities. On the other hand, it is rather dangerous and is full of problems. Anyway, i prefer excitement of the present.
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