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Internet is the greatest time-waster.

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Сообщение Елена0673 » 04.10.2016, 20:32

Проверьте пожалуйста сочинение.
Internet is the greatest time-waster.
People have been discussing pros and cons of having the Internet since time immemorial. some people think that the Internet helps manking. Others believe that people only waste their time, browsing the Internet. Let`s consider all hands of this problem.
In my opinion, without a doubt the Internet is a very usful. People can find any information for the seconds. But they also spend a lot of time in the Internet. Firstly, people spend hours in front of their computers and neglect everyday duties. Secondly, there are thousands of various entertainments in the Net. Vidious, games, chates - all of these attract person. So, he starts to interested in only browsing the Internet.
On the other hand, the Internet makes our life more easy. It lets us access a world of facts, figures and knowledge. In addition, with the Internet it is now possible to speak to friends and relatives anywhere in the world cheaply and quickly. Peoply also can book tickets or buy things through the Internet. It is save people` time.
Nevertheless dispite on these facts I believe that in the Internet people waste their time in vain as they simple can not distribute their time.
In conclusion I would say tha the Internen has nore pluses than minuses. I think people should focus on the work.Than, they will not have any problems with time.
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