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Сообщение somova » 26.02.2017, 21:39

My aunt lives in Arkansas and last week her house was ruined by a tornado. What do you think are the most horrible natural disasters? Which of them are typical of the place where you live? What can people do to protect themselves from them?
My history teacher got the annual award “Best teacher of the year”, I’m so happy for her!…

Dear Mary,
Thanks a lot for your letter. I was glad to hear from you. Sorry, I haven’t written you for ages, as I was busy with my homework.
In your letter you asked me about natural disasters. I can’t name just one disaster , they all terrible ,for instance, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. In my area there is not disasters , but we could face with slight flood. People have to be prepared, always have some food and water and also have shelter.
Anyway, you wrote that your history teacher has won an award. Do you like her lessons? What she needed to do to won? How many participants took part in competition?
Well, it’s time to go to dance class.
Take care and keep in touch!
Sincerely yours,
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