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A person who is fluent in a foreign language can easily work as an interpreter. Эссе

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Сообщение tanya g.l » 20.04.2015, 20:37

It is believed if a person is able to speak different languages, he/she can easily work as an interpreter, translator or tutor. Is it enough to be fluent in a foreign language to work as an interpreter? What qualities should people have to become good at this profession?
In my opinion, it is pretty hard to be an interpreter. A foreign and a native languages can have huge differences in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and it is necessary to know structures of both languages perfectly to be able to translate. What is more, one's client might speak very quickly and a person has to memorize every sentence and convert the main thought into an expression with a comparable meaning in a target language which is very difficult to do. In addition, if a person is fluent in a foreign language, it does not mean he/she can understand all idioms, phrases of that language. That is why, he/she can get into trouble during the process of translation.
However, being able to write, read in other language and to speak it gives many opportunities to become an interpreter. Besides, a person learns to interpreter while learning a foreign language.
I can only half agree with this statement./ People have to go to university, study the profession, get a diploma to be an interpreter. No one can easily interpret or translate without education.
In conclusion, I would like to say a person who is fluent in a foreign language has more chances to get this job but without hard work it is almost impossible.
P.S спасибо большое за проверку:))
tanya g.l
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Сообщение natalja » 21.04.2015, 18:45

спасибо за исправления!
стыдно за literary-literate :oops:
дааа, с 3-м абзацем я перемудрила.... занималась экономией средств...
спаасибо еще раз
простите, что долго не отвечала: я потеряла эссе, не знала, где смотреть отзыв. а сейчас решила перешерстить все темы и нашла.
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Сообщение English Guru » 30.04.2015, 01:24

tanya g.l писал(а):pretty hard
разговорный стиль

tanya g.l писал(а):A foreign and a native languages can have huge differences
Зачем неопределенные артикли со множественным числом?

tanya g.l писал(а):a person learns to interpreter
to interpret

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