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Сообщение English Guru » 06.05.2016, 00:39

Egarmina писал(а):make a choice
в данном контексте the choice

Egarmina писал(а):a person should opts a kind of profession yourself.
если вставить правильную грамматику, то как-то так:
a person should opt for a kind of profession themselves.

Egarmina писал(а):he likes
he or she likes

Egarmina писал(а):people do a work which they like
do something they like

Egarmina писал(а):they achieve the success
achieve success - устойчиво

Egarmina писал(а):career choice affect their lives

Egarmina писал(а):are developed difficulty
with difficulty

Egarmina писал(а):has right to shoose
the right to choose

Egarmina писал(а):When the say

Egarmina писал(а):So if they err

Egarmina писал(а):that choice of profession is a personal decision.
the choice

-2 балла за лексику
-2 балла за грамматику
-1 балл за орфографию

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Some people think that young should follow in their parents' footsteps when choosing a pro

Сообщение julioyn » 10.06.2017, 20:06

Nowadays there are a lot of opportunities to find a job. Some people believe that a person should follow the advice of his relatives or mates in the matter of choosing profession. Others have another opinion.

In my opinion, a person should choose a profession independently. Firstly, a man must count his personal interests and desires when he determines a future career. In this case, a person should not accept the vision even of the closest human beings. Moreover, if a person chooses the career he or she is fond of, the likelihood of becoming successful and independent is higher because this person will always know what to do and never leave things half done.

An opposite opinion is that friends and relatives are able to help one with profession selection. Close people observe man’s skills and talents. They also could influence on the person’s choice in a good way.

I cannot agree with this opinion. I strongly believe that despite the fact that relatives’ ability to find a person’s strong sides, only a man is responsible for his life and future. Nobody can decide one’s fate.

To sum up, there are various points of view on the problem of career choosing. Personally, I suggest that one has to be free when he or she makes an important decision in life.
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