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Сообщение karina_mia » 19.02.2014, 00:08

Сочинение на тему "Some people think that in the future traditional shops will disappear and all shopping will be on line with home delivery."

By Ildar

Nowadays more and more people use the Internet to buy things. E-shopping is very convenient and easy and thus its popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds. However, should we totally reject traditional shopping? What will happen if shops disappear?

As for me, shopping on-line is the best way to buy things. To begin with, there is no need to leave home to order something, so it saves a lot of time. Furthermore, there is a wider choice of goods on the Internet, so looking for necessary products will not take much time. Finally, people can save money while e-shopping because the prices of goods on the Internet are rather low.

However, some people think that the traditional way of shopping is much better and safer because it enables a person to see the actual product before paying the money. Another argument against using online stores is that a person can easily get ripped off.

I cannot agree with these people. There are many reliable online stores millions of people trust with, so the risk of being deceived is very low. There are also available videos, forums and sites of different products, so if a person wants to buy something, he or she can easily find necessary information or ask for help from real people.

To sum up, I would say that e-shopping has many advantages. In our modern busy world people should not waste time on shopping, waiting in a line or walking to a store. That is why I think the disappearance of stores will not be a problem at all.
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Сообщение English Guru » 21.02.2014, 02:37

Ildar, долго искал ошибки, нашел-таки к чему докопаться: :wink:

Ildar писал(а):There are many reliable online stores millions of people trust with
trust with - доверять кому? что? Например, я доверил ему ключи. Тогда у Вас получается, что "Существует множество надёжных онлайн магазинов, которые миллионы людей доверяют" То есть люди доверяют магазины? Я думаю, что предлог with лишний.

Ildar писал(а):ask for help from real people
тоже не очень... реальные люди... напишите ask for help from qualified staff
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Сообщение Anastasia22 » 05.06.2016, 22:29

There have been two controversial issues about the future of traditional shops. One issue states that they will be replaced by online shopping. Another issue claim that ordinary shops cannot disappear from our life for a number of reasons. Now I would like to express my point of view on this problem.

I am in favour of the second opinion as I think that online stores have more disadvantages than advantages. For example, we cannot be confident in the quality of the goods that we want to buy online. But in a real shop we can see everything with our own eyes before buying. In addition, there are many fraudsters on the Internet who can take money from us but not deliver our products.

Nevetheless, certain people may disagree with my opinion. They think that online shopping can help us to save a lot of time that is very important in the modern world. Futhermore, many well-known and respected stores have their own websites, so we should not worry about fraud.

I cannot completely agree with these statements. To my way of thinking, it is better to spend some time on going to stores and monitor our purchases ourselves than to wait for delivery.

Taking everything into account, there are different opinions about this problem. But shopping is a hobby of many people, so I believe that traditional shops will never disappear.

Большое спасибо за проверку!
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Сообщение Катя Новикова » 14.06.2016, 12:35

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways of buying clothes. Some people think that the best way to do it is to go to the traditional shopping centers while others believe that if you want to buy qualitative clothes, you should do it, using online shops .So, who is right?

To begin with, I prefer to buy all the clothes in the traditional shops. When we buy clothes there , we can be sure how qualitative a material is and how one or another thing looks on us. Furthermore, we can ask the shop assistant for help, if we need it. For instance, if you go alone to the store and you are not sure whether to buy this dress or not, you can always ask the seller about it

Nevertheless, others may think differently. Thanks for the online shops we can buy favourite things without leaving home. It is really convenient and fast way of buying clothes.

I strongly disagree with this statement. It is faster to go to the traditional shop than wait the thing which you have ordered about month or even more.

In conclusion, I would like to stress that majority of teenagers use online shops to buy the cool clothes but, in some way, it is uncomfortable. It will be better to go to the traditional shop and choose clothes which you want.
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