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Сообщение elkarib » 03.04.2017, 18:20

Some people believe that teenagers today are generally rude, lazy and badly behaved. Other people, however, think that teenagers have a bad reputation for no reason.

Nowadays there're lots of discussions on such an urgent issue as teenagers' behavior. Obviously, there're various points of view on this problem: somebody blames teens for their bad manners, while others defend them from accusers. Well, I'd like to express my opinion on this subject.
To my mind, teenagers do nothing special today and nobody must accuse them in bed behavior. There're several simple reasons for it, indeed. First of all, teenagers aren't rude, they just want to prove their point of view on some conflicts. To tell the truth, I respect them for their bravery and self-confidence. Secondly, teens nowadays take part in different activities in order to save the environment and to become volunteers. In mi opinion, it's absolutely the sign of kindness and care of the modern society. Thirdly, they are not lazy only because teenagers spend their time with studies and educate themselves. These activities require much efforts, undoubtedly.
However, my opponents are sure that teenagers have a poor reputation nowadays. According to their opinion, the younger generation takes drugs and becomes alcohol addicted.
I don't consider these arguments really crucial since not every teen is a drug addict. It's merely a stereotype that teenagers of the 21st-century have pernicious habits. At all times young people have differed in character traits and tastes.
All in all, I am strongly convinced that modern teenagers have disrepute for no reason. I believe that the young generation develop and improve the environment.
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