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Сочинение на тему: "Honesty is the best policy"
By Ildar

People have always valued such character qualities as honesty, truthfulness and sincerity. However, some of them believe that there are many situations when lying can help solve various problems.

As for me, people should always try to be honest with others. Firstly, being trustworthy makes relationships stronger and sincerer because if a person tells a lie once, it will be very hard to regain trust. Secondly, being honest helps gain a reputation and makes one respected. Finally, telling the truth helps feel relaxed and safe because a person will never have to worry about the truthfulness of his or her words.

On the other hand, some people think that telling a white lie on occasion helps solve millions of problems. In their mind, these innocent lies make life more pleasant and do not hurt anybody.

I cannot agree with these people. Even though a white lie does not hurt anybody, constantly deceiving someone may eventually turn into a habit and people will stop trusting this person.

To sum up, I would say that being sincere with others can be sometimes challenging. If a person wants to be respected and loved, he or she should always tell the truth no matter how hurtful this truth could be.
How people treat you is their karma.
How you react is yours.
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Сообщение English Guru » 01.03.2014, 02:01

Ildar писал(а):helps gain a reputation
без артикля, to gain reputation - снова абстрактное понятие, как и дружба.

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