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Some young people believe that Internet dating is a good way to arrange...

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Сообщение marusya » 11.03.2014, 20:05

Some young people believe that Internet dating is a good way to arrange meetings with other people in the hope of finding someone to have a romantic relationship with. However, others don't like this idea.

Nowadays the popularity of Internet connection is increasing. Many people use this opportunity for making new friends and believe that it is a good way to find someone for having romantic relationship with. But others do not support this idea. I will try to express my point of view on this issue.

In my opinion, Internet acquaintanceship is not so good and has many disadvantages. To begin with, a person cannot find out a personality completely and the all features of her or his nature. So, in case of a continuing relationship in real life it may bring people many disappointments. Moreover, the information about a person on the Internet can be untrue. I do not tell about any details, I mean all information absolutely. As a result, when people decide to meet in real life, they can see a person totally different from the photo from the website. This is a well-known fact about Internet dating and it is known many such accidents.

But other people believe that Internet dating is a really good chance for some of them. They consider it is a good way because he or she has a bigger choice. So, person can find suitable friends for him or her. What is more, not so many people can easily make friends in reality. That is why it is a beneficial thing for them.

I cannot agree with these people because the Internet does not allow to know friends perfectly and I think it may be dangerous.

To sum up, I would say it is really important make new friends, but doing that in reality is much better and people should not forget that nothing can substitute for real life.
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Сообщение English Guru » 16.03.2014, 01:13

marusya писал(а):a person cannot find out a personality completely
cannot find out about a personality
Посмотрите употребление find out - http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/find_1

marusya писал(а):and the all features
and all the features

marusya писал(а):and it is known many such accidents
Грамматика: and many such accidents are known или it is known that ...

marusya писал(а):So, person
a person

marusya писал(а):it is really important make new friends
to make

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