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Some people believe that students should be allowed to choose the subjects they want to st

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Сообщение Polz » 02.08.2017, 20:22

Nowadays people have various preferences so it is natural that school students want to study the subjects they are interested in. But there are obligatory subjects at schools. Some people are in favour of the idea that courses should be equal for all students while others believe that students should be given the opportunity to choose the courses they wish to study.
As far as I am concerned, it is a good idea to allow children to learn the subjects of their choice. To start with, knowledge of one or another subject can shape students' future. Because if students know about sphere they good at, they will know about subject which could be detrimental for them and their career. Moreover, such an educational system could focus students' attention on study, i.e. make them more curious and responsible, because they have a chance to study the subjects they are interested in.
On the other hand, some people argue that students must be well rounded so they need to study all subjects equally. I find them right to some extant.
However, they forget that there is a stated list of exams which students should pass to enter the University they want to study in. Besides, to pass some of them with distinction hard if not impossible without a special preparation. That is why, students have to take extra classes in subjects they need. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a tutorial. So lots of students perform poorly in subjects which are really essential for them.
To sum up, I strongly believe that being free to choose what to study is an effective form of education. Society could benefit more in that case.
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