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Some people believe that English should be the only foreign language taught at our schools

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Сообщение Anna111 » 11.10.2017, 09:15

Nowadays it is popular to study several languages at some special schools. However, there are schools where pupils learn only one language. It is English.
As for me, I think students should study only English. There are some things to be said in favour of this point of view. To start with, English is international and global language. About one billion people of the world population speak English. So, learning only English is enough to travel around English-speaking countries and communicate with foreigners. What is more, some pupils do not have linguistic abilities and cannot learn more than one language at the same time because it is difficult for them.
However, there are some people who think that learning different languages is useful and prestigious. If you speak German, French and Spanish you can travel around the world. Also it increases your memory and improves brain function. They say if you speak one language you can learn others easier and faster.
I can't agree with this opinion because German, French and Spanish should be taught at private schools. So there are some students who do not want to learn them because they wouldn't use them in their future.
To sum up, I want to say that it is your decision whether to learn one or several languages. Anyway, if you speak different languages you have more chances to make a better career and be successful in your life.
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