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Сообщение Chelovek » 21.10.2017, 19:58

It's reported that billions of dollars are spent on space exploration projects every year. Some people believe that this money should be used to solve problems on Earth.

There are two points of view: people who think that we should explore space and spend money for that and the others who consider that money should be used to solve problems on Earth.Who is right?Let us find it out.
In my opinion,people must spend lots of their money on space exploration.First of all,it might be an enormous disaster on Earth and we will have to find a new place to live which can be only another planet.Secondly,exploring space is the best way to find new civilizations which probably can be useful for us.Thirdly,it is rather helpful for science.There are a lot of necessary materials in space and they are certainly needed for some new inventions.
Nonetheless,other people don’t agree with my opinion.These ones are sure that exploring space is a waste of time.They think that it is not practical to explore the unknown things and it is much better to solve urgent issues.
However,I totally can’t agree with the opinion above as I am certain that one day the Earth is going to end up.In that case all out civilization will die because sometime we did not want to find a replacement to live.
In conclusion,I would like to say once again: people should spend their money for space.We all are not pretty sure about our future and it is better to stay calm.
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