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Сочинение the most important thing in life is health_проверьте, пожалуйста

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Сообщение frosty_1 » 22.04.2018, 13:30

Nowadays many people choose as their goal in life anything, but health. It could be love, family, career or self-development. But it is common knowledge that health has always been an important part of our life.
In my opinion, health plays a really big role in our lives. Firstly, without well-being you cannot work, having fun or doing anything at all. Secondly, and this is a scientific fact, your mood depends on your health. This means that your condition affects on anything you do. Finally, health prolongs life and helps elderly people to stay as active as in youth.
However, there are those who think that concern about health can be destructive. First of all, it can turn into obsession. Moreover, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, your body does not need constant care. Besides, the modern medicine can cure almost everything.
This may be true but we should not forget that some illnesses could not be cured with a simple painkiller, because seeds of disease may be much deeper and more serious than you think. Furthermore, even in the 21st century healthy lifestyle could not protect you completely, but you can try to prevent problems with a regular check up.
To sum up, I still believe that health is the key to successful life and people should care about their health carefully.
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Сообщение nadiisme » 30.09.2019, 18:30

не соблюдена структура эссэ.
начинать нужно с some people claim that *перефрраз темы* while others assume *перефраз*.
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Сообщение Cherry » 02.10.2019, 09:12

клево) так объяснили здорово) у меня по англ тоже в домашках эссе но никто не говорит о структуре..
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