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Сообщение sololips » 27.04.2018, 00:10

One issue that has caused lots of controversy over the recent years is that copying stars’ behavior by youngsters has a negative influence on their lives. But some people consider that idolizing stars may have some advantages for youth. Let us discuss this and see who is right.
In my opinion, emulating celebrities’ manners has negative effects on adolescents’ behavior. For example, many kids copy stars’ manners that are often extravagant and weird. It can badly affect their relationship with peers and parents. Besides, consuming mass media images youngsters start to lead unhealthy lifestyle that can be very harmful for health and studies.
On the contrary, there are opponents who claim that copying celebrities’ behavior may contribute to teen’s self-motivation. Well-known people can encourage youth to succeed in making their dreams come true. Moreover, following stars’ way of acting can help children to overcome difficulties in their own lives.
Nevertheless, I am still convinced that creating an idol of someone does not make it possible to really develop one’s personality. You are taking risks of being just a mere copy of somebody.
Although both opinions may be quite persuasive, still I firmly believe that children do not need to copy someone’s life pattern.
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