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Сообщение Cherryl » 06.11.2018, 20:04

Some people think that extreme sports help to build character.

Nowadays most people are looking for adventure to become stronger and more responsible through engaging in for extreme sports like parachute jumping, bungee jumping, mountaineering and others. However, there are many people who are against doing extreme sports as it is not safe.
Personally, I agree with the first viewpoint. Firstly, it is no wonder that extreme sports help people to increase willpower, endurance and patience. So, you can develop not only your physical abilities but also psychological abilities. This is due to the fact that they are exposed to constant danger and you have to compel themselves to overcome fear and to move forward. Secondly, some kinds of extreme sports are team sports. It means that you learn to trust and help other people you want to achieve your goals.
The opponents of this point of view strongly believe that people do not need doing extreme sports to build their character. The main reason is that in our modern world there is a range of other means of personal development, which are less dangerous like reading books and watching films.
Nevertheless, I disagree with the opposing opinion. I believe that for building character we need actions and an adrenalin rush. Doing extreme sports can help us to improve ourselves effectively.
To sum up, I am sure that extreme sports are one of the best ways to achieve this goal.
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