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Should young people go to universities?

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Сообщение Mike » 06.05.2014, 00:50

Many young people go to university after leaving school. However, a number of school-leavers feel that university is not for them and choose not to go.

The question of what to do after finishing school is considered to be profoundly important for every child nowadays. Some teens think that going to universities is the best way to start a career and gain success in the future while others do not find it obligatory.

To my mind, children should not neglect the opportunities that higher education might offer them. To begin with, universities have everything students need while studying, for instance books, special equipment and proper schedule. Moreover, the educational process cannot be full without teachers who help at every step of studying. Finally, during their studies youngsters might establish contact with people working in areas they are interested in.

However, some teenagers claim that university is not the only institution where they can learn something. According to them, such alternatives to higher education as special courses on different subjects, books, internet ought to be taken into account. Additionally, they think that work provides the best experience in the areas of their interest.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with such a position. I reckon that it is much more difficult to find a job and make a living without studying at university. Furthermore, there are complicated fields which children will not be able to master on their own. Therefore people who graduated from universities have better qualifications, skills and are much more prepared for work than those who are self-taught.

In conclusion, let me point out that young generations should make the best use of all the opportunities they are given, otherwise they might regret not doing that when it is too late.
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Сообщение English Guru » 06.05.2014, 13:01

Mike писал(а):in the future while others do not find it obligatory.
Нужна запятая перед while: http://gtotd.blogspot.ru/2007/06/while-comma-makes-it-mean-whereas.html

Mike писал(а):books, special equipment and proper schedule
Нужна запятая перед and: http://englishgu.ru/zapjatye-v-anglijskom/ п.5

Mike писал(а):internet
С большой буквы и с артиклем: the Internet

Mike писал(а):Therefore people who graduated
Нужна запятая после therefore - это вводное слово.

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Сообщение Mike » 06.05.2014, 14:15

Спасибо большое!
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