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What is better: supermarket or traditional shopping area?

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Сообщение Christina » 27.12.2014, 22:47

It is believed by many that shopping malls and hypermarkets are a positive development.However,some people consider that traditional shopping areas and shops are still better.

From my point of view,hypermarkets have become popular nowadays because it is more comfortable to buy everything what you want in one place.Moreover, as I have already mentioned that shopping malls sell a lot of goods from small trinkets to modern computers and furniture, it is easier to find something rare what man may need.

On the other hand, shops can be specialized on sale some specific things whereas supermarkets offer a wide range of products. In addition,some people nowadays prefer obtaining goods in shopping areas because from ancient times it becames one of the traditional way of shopping.

It seems to me that is not right.Although, shopping malls and hypermarkets sell local produce,offer better choice or confectionery, jewelry,household merchandise and entertain people by chidren's playscapes,live shows, movies in multiplex cinemas, carousel rides and other activities, but it is easier to get to ordinary shops as they are usually situated near the people's houses and it is no so tedious to do shopping in such small shops than in the million-square-foot superregional malls.

All in all,our world offers us a great variety of ways where man can buy everything what he want, but which of them to choose , this decision depends upon him.

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Сообщение English Guru » 12.02.2015, 01:20

Christina, соррри, не заметил, что Ваше эссе было не проверено! Оо

Christina писал(а):be specialized on
specialize in

Christina писал(а):sale some specific things
sale of, но лучше вообще убрать слово sale...

Christina писал(а):things whereas supermarkets
Поставьте запятую перед whereas

Christina писал(а):becames
has become или still is

Christina писал(а):sell local produce

Christina писал(а):entertain people by chidren's playscapes
entertain people with chidren's playscapes - да и вообще странно Вы выразились

Christina писал(а):it is no so tedious to do shopping in such small shops than in the million-square-foot superregional malls.
вместо than ставим as, соблюдаем связку so...as

Christina писал(а):he want
they want

Christina писал(а):decision depends upon him.

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Сообщение IrinaLos » 12.05.2015, 23:47

Nowadays more and more supermarkets are appearing in Russia. But some people like traditional shopping area –small shops and big markets. What is better?

In my opinion, supermarkets have more benefits than traditional shops and markets do. Firstly, today they are everywhere. In other words, they are situated near customers’ houses. Usually, it takes people no more than twenty minutes to go there from home and buy everything they need. Secondly, supermarkets have a wide range of products. Consequently, customers have more choice and it is also a good trait of supermarkets. And last but not least, supermarkets are more modern. There are a lot of devices and gadgets like electronic scales or even computer consultants that make shopping in supermarkets more convenient.

On the other hand, some people claim traditional markets give their customers an opportunity of bargain. Prices can be reduced there and that is a good advantage of markets.

It makes sense, but often big supermarket chains have sales of some products that cut down prices as well. Moreover, they have a discount system for regular customers.

Despite other people’s opinion, I am still convinced that supermarkets are more preferable for customers because of their location, great choice of goods, modern equipment and different discounts.
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Сообщение Proofreader » 26.05.2015, 16:18

IrinaLos писал(а):But some people like traditional shopping area –small shops and big markets.
But some people like traditional shopping areas-small shops and big markets.
IrinaLos писал(а):Consequently, customers have more choice and it is also a good trait of supermarkets.
Consequently, customers have more choices, making this a good trait of supermarkets.
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