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Availability of private cars makes people less physically fit. :help:

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Сообщение FancyGirl » 01.02.2015, 18:42

Today the car ownership has increased.And it can lead to the fact, that people, who have a car, are more likely to have couch potato lifestyle (to be less physically fit). There are many opinions abot this statement.
In my opinion, using private cars has a negative effect on human body. And there are many reasons to think so. Firstly, using the carbecomes a habit.You already can't pass the quater,driving from one door to another(как полностью развернуть идею?).Secondly, you don't notice the number of products purchased.The amount of food are limitted only by the free space in the car. Also, you instinctively eat in the car. All your attention focused on the road and you don't notice what you eat and how much.(i need one more argument)
However, there are some critics? who argue?that using private cars conversely makes people fitter. They claim, that some sport facilities place(are located) far from car owners' homes, so people,especcially overweight,who have difficulties with movement,can easily get to the gym.
But they forget, that these people can visit takeaway cafes, which are located at gas stations,near gyms and parking lots.So there no effects of visiting gyms(how complete my idea?)
To sum up, private cars can make people inactive, lazy and less physically fit.

P.s. люди добрые, помогите :help:
Логика, любовб всей моей жизни и радость глаз,музыка для слуха, бросила меня...
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Сообщение English Guru » 01.02.2015, 22:01

FancyGirl писал(а):lead to the fact, that people, who have a car, are more likely
Тут вообще запятых не должно быть! :smile:

FancyGirl писал(а):using the carbecomes
a car becomes

FancyGirl писал(а):can't
В эссе не используйте сокращения = cannot

FancyGirl писал(а):pass the quater,driving
Лишняя запятая

FancyGirl писал(а):(как полностью развернуть идею?)
Подумайте по-русски, потом попытайтесь перевести свою мысль на английский!

FancyGirl писал(а):The amount of food are limitted
is limited

FancyGirl писал(а):All your attention focused
is focused

FancyGirl писал(а):there are some critics? who argue?
запятые не нужны

FancyGirl писал(а):They claim, that some
Запятая перед that не ставится

FancyGirl писал(а):especcially

FancyGirl писал(а):overweight,who have difficulties with movement,can
Запятые - убрать!

FancyGirl писал(а):takeaway cafes, which are located
Запятой нет

FancyGirl писал(а):So there no effects of visiting gyms
So there will be no ....

Неплохое эссе, хоть и немного сумбурное. Вычеркнутые предложения решил проверить, ибо без них не набирается минимальных 180 слов. Если убрать всё Ваше излишнее форматирование, то можно попытаться выставить Вам следующую оценку:

-1 балл за решение коммуникативной задачи
-1 балл за организацию текста
-1 балл за грамматику
-1 балл за лексику
-2 балла за орфографию и пунктуацию

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