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In European countries children after they are 18 are supposed to live on their own.

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Сообщение kornvalist » 24.03.2015, 23:59

Проверьте, пожалуйста, эссе на тему: "In European countries children after they are 18 are supposed to live on their own."
Объем - 275 слов(знаю, что рискую, но кто не рискует -...). Желательно, с баллами

Nowadays, in European countries many children over 18 live on their own. Many people consider that adolescents are not old enough to live themselves and they should accustomed to an independent life gradually. Others believe that teenagers should live separately from their family and they should be an independent people.
In my opinion, children should be accustomed to an independent life gradually. I am sure that desire to live independently can be explained that children want to be independent people and this aspiration usually destroys people's lives because young people are too overconfident and they are sure that all problems are under their control. Moreover, the sudden entrance into adult life brings a lot of social problems, for example, drug and nicotine addiction and alcoholism, because of this children's entry into adult life should be gradual.
Nevertheless, a lot of people consider that teenagers should live separately from their family because young people who live far from their parents and try to earn their living are usually more responsible and emotionally mature. Moreover, adolescents are sure that their parents always annoys them or because they do everything instead of their children, thereby depriving young people of independent lives.
I cannot agree with this point of view because our parents wish us happiness and we should appreciate their advices, and an independent life is a very serious step for everybody. Moreover, desire to earn money on their own often means very serious problems such as debts and loans.
In conclusion, I would like to say that the entrance into adulthood is one of the most important transitions of humanity and it should be deliberate and gradual.
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За выходные допроверяю все эссе на форуме))) Ждите! И следите за форумом. Скорее всего, Ваша тема будет перенесена в правильный раздел. :smoke:
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