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A letter to Mary - Liturature club

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Сообщение Elena_59 » 23.06.2015, 19:57

In your previous letter von told me that you had joined your school Literature Club. I wonder what you do at your
club meetings. Can I help you in any way?
As for me, I enjoy rending very much and I would be really interested to know about famous Russian writers. Who
is your favourite writer at the moment? Have you got enough time for reading?..

Dear Mary,
I was glad to get your letter. Sorry I haven’t been in touch for so long.
Well, I’m glad that I had joined school Literature club! Almost all my friends from school joined it too. We tell each other about our favorite books, writers and we do various project and essays. You asked me about my reading preferences, my favorite writer is Chekhov. I enjoy his little stories, especially “The Lady with the dog”. I reread it every day!
Now I should prepare for exams, despite this I always find time for reading.
Anyway, I’d like to know about your reading preferences. What’s your favorite genre? What is your opinion about tragic novels? Who’s your favorite Russian writer?
Well, I’d better go now as I have to do my homework.
Write back soon!
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