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A letter to Mark.

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You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Mark who writes: Guess what! All my friends are going to Waterland" next week and can't swim! What shall I do? If I go with my friends, they will be teasing me all the time I have wanted to learn to swim for a long time but I feel embarrassed to start learning at my age. What would you advise me to How many lessons will I need? do? Is it difficult to learn swimming? Well, I'd better go now as my mum's calling me for dinner.
Write a letter to Mark. In your letter answer his questions ask 3 questions about his favourite sports. 100-140 слов

October 9, 2015
Dear Mark,
Thanks for your letter. It was so great to hear from you again!Sorry, I haven't written for so long because I was too busy with my school.
I would advise you to hire a private swim teacher. In my opinion, this is the best way to solve your problem. It is not so difficult if you really will be trying to improve your swimming skills. The number of lessons depends on you and your desire to develop.
By the way,tell me more about your favourite sports. Does sport play a big role in your life? What kind of sport do you prefer? Do you like watching broadcasting of your favourite sports events?
Lots of love,
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