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Letter to Tom: race, favourite sport

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Сообщение olgamayun » 25.01.2016, 15:08

I'm competing in a ra c e this weekend fo r my school. I'm guite excited
about it. and a bit nervous, too. I was wondering about sport in your
country. What sports does your school have? Where do people usually
go to watch big sporting events ? What's your favourite sport and why?
In other news, my dad's just bought a new car ...
25 January 2016
Dear Tom,
Thank you for your last letter. I haven't written for so long because I was busy with my school.
Well, most of the pupils in our school prefer team sport like football and hockey. There're sport grounds near every school with necessary facilities. The people in our town are very sporty. They like watching sporting events in a stadium, a football pitch or at home in front of the TV. As for me, I'm not a sport fan and I prefer watching sport events to taking part in it. When I have free time, I watch figure skating competitions on TV.
By the way, congratulate you on buying a new car. What kind of car is it? Is it expensive? What colour is your new car?
Sorry, it's time for my homework. Hope to hear from you soon
Best wishes,
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Сообщение English Guru » 24.02.2016, 01:13

olgamayun писал(а):team sport
team sports

olgamayun писал(а):The people in our town
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Сообщение olgamayun » 24.02.2016, 09:38

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