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Модератор: karina_mia

Сообщение Alex Kostrov » 17.02.2017, 19:11

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Ann who writes:

... More and more young people get involved in environmental protection. Could you tell me what measures young people in your country take to save the environment? What kind of support do you get from your local community and family? Is there any Green Party/Movement where you live? Wouldn’t you like to start one, if there isn’t? I am very happy now because I have just passed my last exams.
Write back soon, Ann...

Dear Ann,
Thank you for your letter. I’m glad to hear from you again. Sorry, I haven’t written a long time, I was busy about my final exams. I’m agreeing with you that now the safety of environment is very popular problem. Teens in my country usually help to save the nature as volunteers. They work for free in a cleaning days, clean up the parks and streets. My family supports this mainstream. At home we filter the garbage. Technically, we don’t have any local “Green Part” in Russia, but we have a Green Peace representation. As for me, I’d prefer to participate in some local “Green community”.
I really envy you, because my exams are coming. But I’m happy, that you passed this nightmare. By the way this exam was as hard as you expected? Each exam was most difficult? Were you exited before it starts?
Write back soon!
Alex Kostrov
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Сообщение Emily97 » 17.02.2017, 20:33

haven’t written FOR a long time
I AGREE with you
popular заменить на relevant
at cleaning days скорее всего
they clean up parks and streets
mainstream заменила бы на movement
at home в конце предложения
Green Party
Green Peace department возможно
was this exam as hard as you expected?
Which exam was the most difficult?
Were you exited before the beginning of the exam?

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Сообщение Alex Kostrov » 18.02.2017, 16:54

Emily97, спасибо, учту.
Alex Kostrov
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