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A letter to Jane: Mum asked me to help her about the house

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Сообщение vladtheimpaler » 23.04.2014, 10:10

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Jane who writes:

… Yesterday my Mum asked me to help her about the house. We were very busy with cleaning up after the birthday party the whole morning. I got quite tired and even missed my fitness class. What are your family duties, if any? Is there anything you especially like or dislike about house work? Do you find helping your parents necessary, why or why not?

Oh, I have some great news! I got a lovely kitten for my birthday...

14 october, 2100

Dear Jane,
I was really surprised to get this letter from you. Sorry for not writing earlier everyday i should prepare to my exams.
In your letter you asked me about my house duties. I'm obliged to do all house work because my parents are always at their jobs that's why all responsibility for house drops on my head. Everyday i throw out trash, sweep floors, dust shelves, and cook supper which is my favorite occupation. I think everyone has to do work and for me this is housekeeping because as i said before my parents don't have enough time being busy and to help them is my must
Oh, my congratulations. What is its name? How old is it? Is it purebred?
Well... now i have to go. Please, write more often.
All the best,
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Сообщение English Guru » 25.04.2014, 14:15

vladtheimpaler писал(а):14 october, 2100
October - с большой буквы

vladtheimpaler писал(а):Sorry for not writing earlier everyday i should prepare to my exams.
Sorry for not writing earlier. I should prepare for my exams every day.

vladtheimpaler писал(а):Everyday i
I с большой буквы

vladtheimpaler писал(а):as i said before
выделяется запятыми
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