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Letter to Robert: a new town

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Сообщение vladtheimpaler » 23.04.2014, 16:03

…We’ve moved to a new town. It’s small and green. My neighbours say that it hasn’t changed a bit for the last two centuries. Have you noticed any recent changes in your city? What are they? Do you like or dislike them? Why?

Yesterday my mum won a cooking competition…

14 september, 2013

Dear Robert,
I was really surprised to get this letter from you. Sorry for not writing earlier everyday i should prepare to my exams.
In your letter you asked me about changes in mys city. I live in a small village and life here has never changed significantly but recently there was built a huge shopping center which spoils all views. This is an absolutely disgusting building which doesn't represent any aesthetic value. Every morning i have to walk near this place, 2 years ago i could enjoy surrounding landscapes but now you better don't put your head up cause it's a terrible around.
Oh, congratulations to mother. How many participants took part in this competition? What dish did your mother cook? Can she share a recipe with my mother?
Well... now i have to go. Please, write more often.
All the best,
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Сообщение English Guru » 25.04.2014, 14:23

vladtheimpaler писал(а):14 september, 2013
September - с большой буквы

vladtheimpaler писал(а):Sorry for not writing earlier everyday i should prepare to my exams.
Sorry for not writing earlier. I should prepare for my exams every day.

vladtheimpaler писал(а):mys city

vladtheimpaler писал(а):has never changed significantly but recently
запятая перед but

vladtheimpaler писал(а):i have to
I с большой буквы

vladtheimpaler писал(а):2 years ago i could enjoy surrounding landscapes but now you
запятая перед but

vladtheimpaler писал(а):put your head up
Что это значит? Перефразируйте.

vladtheimpaler писал(а):it's a terrible around.
it's terrible around - без артикля

vladtheimpaler писал(а):congratulations to mother.
the mother / your mother
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