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Сообщение Manizha Alieva » 16.05.2018, 23:49

I’m going to do a project on reading in different countries. Could you help me? Do young people read as much as old people in your country? Do you prefer to read E-books or traditional books? Why? How much time do you and your friends spend reading daily?

As for the latest news, I have just joined a sport club.


Dear Nick,
Thank you for your letter. I'm glad to hear from you again.
As for your questions, of course, I can help you with your project. Generally, young people read less than adults in our country because this was influenced by the appearance of other entertainments and gadgets. Personally, I think that I read more than my friends. Moreover, I prefer traditional books because we have a big home library.
By the way, what sport club did you join? What sport events will you have there? How many times a week will you go there?
I'm looking forward to our meeting. Say hello to your mother.
Best wishes,
Manizha Alieva
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