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Letter for Bill: projects on famous people of different countries

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Сообщение Tory_96 » 01.06.2014, 20:26

...At school we are doing projects on famous people of different countries. If I choose Russia whom should I write about? What is this person famous for and what do you know about him/her? Why do you think people in other countries should know about this person?
I’ve just watched an interesting wildlife TV programme...

51, Krasnaya St
2th June 2014

Dear Bill,
Thank you for your letter! It was great to hear from you. Sorry, I have not answered earlier because I am really busy with my History project.
In your letter you asked me about russian famous people. Well, as for me I would like to choose a russian talanted author Lev Tolsloy. He wright a popular romance "War and Peace" which read all over the world.
By the way, let me ask you some questions about your plans on holiday. Which country would you like to visite? How often has you been abroad? Do you like active holiday?
Sorry, I would better go now as I need to prepare for my exam.
Write soon!
Best wishes,

Извините, что так много сообщений постаралась исправить все свои ошибки. Занималась год с преподавателем: письма, эссэ писала она мне говорила у меня не плохо выходить.
решила вам написать и тут такой позор :insane:
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Сообщение English Guru » 01.06.2014, 20:36

Tory_96 писал(а):она мне говорила у меня не плохо выходить.
Ну, как сказать, неплохо. Возможно, вначале было действительно плохо! :cry:

Tory_96 писал(а):He wright

Tory_96 писал(а):a popular romance "War and Peace" which read all over the world
which is read - пассивный залог

Tory_96 писал(а):visite

Tory_96 писал(а):How often has you been abroad?
have you been

Tory_96 писал(а):Do you like active holiday?
Либо артикль ставим an active holiday, либо множественное число active holidays, так как любое исчисляемое существительное должно иметь артикль.

Tory_96, ну вот, немного лучше.

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