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Letter to Mary: a book about dreams; Toy Museum

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Сообщение Tory_96 » 01.06.2014, 21:58

… Yesterday I read a book about dreams. It was very interesting. How often do you have dreams? What kind of dreams do you have? Have your dreams ever come true?
…I visited a Toy Museum yesterday…

251,Krasnaya St
2th June 2014
Dear Mary,
Thank you for your letter! It was great to hear from you. Sorry, I have not answered earlier because I am really busy with my History project.
In your letter you asked me about my dreams. Well, I have dreamt all my life. For example, recently I image how I will live in the future. And usually my dreams come true.
By the way, let me ask you some questions about your summer plans. What kind of holiday do you prefer? What country would you like to visit? How much time have you been abroad?
Sorry I would better go now as I need to prepare for my exam.
Write soon!
Best wiches,

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Сообщение English Guru » 01.06.2014, 22:52

Tory_96 писал(а):recently I image
I've imagined

Tory_96 писал(а):Best wiches,
Лучшие ведьмы? :eh: wishes

Поздравляю, похоже на максимальный балл, 6/6

Добавлено спустя 2 минуты 16 секунд:
Tory_96 писал(а):How much time have you been abroad?
Еще добавлю, что по грамматике и лексике правильно, но по смыслу звучит странно... Если Вы хотели сказать, сколько раз ты был за границей, то используйте how many times have you been abroad?
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Сообщение Tory_96 » 01.06.2014, 23:17

Огромное вам спасибо) :smile:
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