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The letter to Dan

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Сообщение AndrewArt » 03.08.2014, 18:24

You have received a letter from your English pen friend Dan who writes:
...I know that the climate is not the same in different parts of your big country.
As we have agreed I’ll be visiting you at the end of May. What is the weather like in May in the place you live? I’d like to know what clothes to bring with me.
By the way, what season do you like best and why ?...
Write a letter to Dan and answer his questions.

Write about 100-140 words.

13 Sportivnaya Street
Dear Dan,

I was glad to receive your letter. Sorry , but I could not answer you earlier, because I was very busy with preparation for my exams.

Well, I live in the southern part of Russia and the climate here is more convenient for living, than in a large number of districts. In May the weather is good, it is cloudy and shiny. People usually wear blouses, jeans, jackets. My favorite season is summer because of the ability to swim in the sea and having more free time for activities.

By the way, are you going to visit me with your family? Do you want me to meet you at the airport?Could you send me your flight number?

Oh, sorry! But I have to go help my mother in the garden..

Take care and keep in touch.

Best wishes,
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Сообщение English Guru » 19.09.2014, 21:15

AndrewArt писал(а):earlier, because
Запятая перед because не требуется

AndrewArt писал(а):living, than
Лишняя запятая

AndrewArt писал(а):ability to swim in the sea and having
to swim ... and have - однородные члены

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