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Surely, Jane Austin couldn’t even imagine that in two centuries Valeriy Kryshen would be guided by similar meditations when daring to travel around the world by bike. Now his challenge has become known to millions, but for us. his countrymen and his schoolmates, he has always been a clever and restless young man searching for new knowledge, experience and adventures.
The year 1999... The First Bell... A tall handsome student heads up the parade of school leavers, rings the bell and leads the first-formers to their first lesson. Probably good at study, he speaks on pleasures of studying at school, makes some shots and hurries to his friends and vehicles. Everybody in Donezk knows: a group of school leavers under Valery’s guidance drive ail possible kinds of vehicles and do this professionally and passionately.
In ten years, the world will have learned about the fourth Ukrainian to travel to Vladivostok by bike. It was Valeriy Kryshen, our school leaver, our friend and countryman.
The decision to go on a round- the-world trip wasn’t made all of a sudden — Valeriy developed his hobby not only at school of Donezk but also at the University of Economy and Law. He continued mastering his riding skills after graduation, having travelled around Ukraine. Russia. Belarus and Georgia...
The aim of this unprecedented run is to realize the most treasured dream — to travel around the world all by himself and gather material for writing the first Ukraine book about motor-tourism.
Valeriy started his independent journey on August 20, 2015. Citizens and guests of the capital saw him off, and the traveller went to center of the Donezk to say goodbye to his countrymen and receive the parents blessing.
In 240 days he planned to visit about 50 countries ; the world, namely Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Southern Korea. China, Japan, the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa-Rica. Panama. Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Mozambique, Brazil, Paraguay. the Congo. Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany. Austria. Italy. Switzerland, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia. Romania and Poland.
Valeriy has never experienced any language difficulties as he speaks not only Ukrainian and Russian but also English, German and Spanish. Besides the passion to vehicles. Valeriy possesses the gift for writing cute articles and interesting reports, shooting with camera and video camera professionally. After the trip the young man is going to write a book and create a documentary. The end of this trip was planned to be In may 2016
His vish 1 to travel and learn the world was much bigger than circumstances: arrangement of visas and agreements, negotiations with authorities and sponsors. modernizing of “Honda Africa Twin” — the off road bike that faithfully served him in former trips... The main sponsors are: The Federation of Motor Sport of Ukraine, the Edition of the magazine “Bike” and the Recreation Centre “Bereg” in Donezk. Some Ministries, rock groups, musicians and, of course, parents assisted with necessary documents, letters, appliances and food. The list of needed things consisted of 100 items, from a spare wheel, a laptop, from a tent and a slipping bag to pans and leaf lard.

Parents were worried about his round-the-world trip but being wise and loving people supported his revolution and presented him with a national embroidered shirt for a happy road.
During the trip Valeriy experienced a lot of different adventures, visited his friends, met interesting people — politicians, students and public figures made a lot of shooting (see his site), conducted a lesson for University students in Seoul, travelled not only by bike but also by ship, by plane, by ferry and on foot, spent nights in the tent in the forest and in the ship’s hold like in Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”.
Just at the beginning of the trip he had an accident and broke his leg. But it didn’t stop him - in a 2-week term he renewed his journey.
He travelled through Central American countries, then went to the South America, Africa, and at last - Europe. Wherever he travelled Valeriy has a definite rule: don’t try to understand people in other countries, just enjoy staying there. He said, “We’re very different as we were brought up under different social conditions, that’s why it’s not worth comparing our attitudes to life”.
A special place in the trip belonged to the meeting at the Association of Motorists of America. American bikers were very pleased with Valeriy’s visit. Bill Can-bow, Director of the Association, signed the flag of Donezk district and the agreement on cooperation and promotion of international tourism. The traveller was impressed by the bike culture in the USA.
Valeriy Kryshen hasn't only survived in many difficulties of this complicated and wide world, but also has brought there our Ukrainian culture in all its multifaceted nature, representing the intellect of the nation, the thirst for new knowledge and impressions, the fidelity to the best Ukrainian traditions and a strong desire to investigate the world beyond the limits of his native street in Donezk. judging from the notes and photos on his site, we can say that his book will surely be a bestseller.
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