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Home is a family place - a castle and a resort of each member. If it is so then each member should participate in home formation. Only this way, a person can have a rest there and get strength for solving problems and taking decisions. I think, not only adults can influence the home making. Many people can say that women make home while men can only build it (earning money for buying a house or a flat to live in). Modem life has changed this belief greatly. Home is a place you rest and feel free and different than in offices. To feel free you need surround yourself with your favourite stuff. That leads to the conclusion of both sides participate in making home the sweetest the best place for children. Unfortunately, the real "builder" of homes is the one who has enough time for doing that. And not every women in the list has become smaller in comparison with XX century.

Some kind of people who are trying to connect their job and house-holding are heroes (if they can stand stress and tension). But if the question is asked it should be answered in return. So, I tend to join the side of women-builders. Because I believe the information of our ancestors is given with the birth and so the experience of women in keeping home a rest place is stronger than men's one. To make home "sweet home", our parents must cooperate and work together. Home is for a family, family means acceptance of taste of each parent (and a child or children). That's why we call people we love "sweethearts". Without understanding this families won't last long. Couple of years there've lived a thought that women's role is to devote themselves to growing-up kids, teaching them and pleasing husbands. But we should notice the role of men it the process. Children need both parents to become full-fledged person. Parents' behaviour and relationships also influence the formation of their children's personality.

I think, relationships in the family is the real home, home for soul and body rest. Money or other properties don't affect the true spelling of the word "home". Poor families are happy without computers, mobile phones or piles of toys. Coming home they enjoy being among people they love, respect and trust. But it is not possible if only one member go for a work another brought-up children and did all house work. Well, do you heard about "house-man"? NO?! Me too. It's not man's business to cook, bring-up children, decorate a flat and make it all green and beautiful, or stuff like that. I It isn’t truth that men shouldn't help their wives doing all the things about the house (especially if you love her). The reason we aren't aware of process is a fear of spoiling your magic. We trust you to do your best (at least better than we do). I am for men! Of course, you may say he is a man, so his point of view is understandable.

But I am not meaning that men are better than women. Telling the truth, we could be good and even outstanding home-builders if we were taught the way it works. Women, and young ladies, nowadays want to take everything under their control and don't let us help them. But the woman must be feminine (that we like in them, and it has made them number 1 in this process for such a long time). Home is a place where your soul is, and your soul is near the person you love more than anyone else. Love makes men do everything for their girl-friends or wives. When they want to decorate the flat or change something, we are eager to support them; we earn money to give them a chance to fulfill their ideas. Just let us help you and teach us!
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