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Топик My School
Сочинение "my school" на английском языке

My School / Моя школа

Everyday we go to school. We study many subjects there. We solve mathematical problems at our Math lesson, we write dictations, exercises and compositions at our Literature lesson. We study nature and history at Sciences. But school means not only lessons. At school we make friends. We obey important rules like «treat others as you want to be treated», «be patient» and so on.

There are a lot of different kinds of schools all over the world. They are: gymnasiums, state secondary schools, private schools, public schools, religious schools, primary schools and also comprehensive schools.

Every country has its own educational system. For example, in Russia you have to go a long way of education if you want to have a good job. Usually, at first, small children go to kindergartens when they are two years old. There they learn letters, colors and they even can start learning foreign languages! Then when they are six or seven years old they begin going to primary school. There they learn how to write, read and count. When they finish the 5th form they begin going to the secondary school. In the 9th form each pupil must take GCE. If they pass this exam, they can choose between staying at school or going to the college. After that they go to the university.

Five days a week I go to school. Our school is co-ed and specialized on the English language. Our school used to have three buildings but now it has only two - primary and secondary school. It hasn’t got its own buses , which catch pupils every morning. We don’t learn French or Spanish. But I think my school is perfect and has its own advantages. There are a lot of graduated teachers in our school. Every teacher is very good and can give useful knowledge. On Saturday we have no school. Every pupil wears a uniform. The main colors in our school are blue and white. We have two very comfortable IT classrooms , where every pupil has their own seat. We go on different excursions and we learn two foreign languages. We learn foreign languages in groups, so we have a small setting. As for me, in our school there is very tasty food.

Our school has a high status in Moscow and almost everyone, who studies in the 11th form, enters the university.

I like my school. When I come there, I can feel a friendly atmosphere. I love my classmates. I think our class is the best ever. Every person has their own character and is a good friend. I also think that our school has a plenty of comfortable labs and rooms. For example , my favorite classroom is our previous classroom, where we study German now. I think it is very comfortable, rather big and very nice. It also has modern equipment like multimedia projector and teacher’s computer. I like the atmosphere of this room. When you enter this room , you can fell calm and relax. The walls are green-colored. There are two big windows and blinds on them. There is also a blackboard and a smart board on the wall. There you can also see some bookcases and some shelves for tea and candies. Children’s desks are there, too. So this room is suitable for studying German because there you can study in the quiet atmosphere.

All in all, I think my school is good because there are a lot of creative teachers, who can explain the new material creatively and interestingly. They can always help us even if we haven’t understood something. Our school has comfortable facilities for pupils and studying. I also like it when our school has concerts and some other traditional activities. We have a very big football stadium outside and two other stadiums for basketball and volleyball. When we suddenly hurt ourselves , we can go to the medical centre, which is situated inside our school. Our school has also something in common both with English and American schools. In summer children also can go on trips and abroad to learn foreign languages better. It is really a good practice.

I think our school is modern and suits our present generation.
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my school

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I think my school is bad

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my school is not so cool :insane:
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а я по русски умею


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