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Описание: Поможем с английским языком. В первую очередь помогаем тем, кто просит проверить задание, которое было выполнено самостоятельно. Отвечаем на вопросы, консультируем. Помощь с английским оказывается бесплатно.
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Спасибо !

Сообщение lizakot » 17.06.2015, 22:27

Спасибо огромное ! а все остальное правильно ?
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Сообщение lizakot » 17.06.2015, 23:41

а вы можете ,если не очень сложно , еще это проверить ?

1) Choose the correct verb form :

1.I enjoy ( dancing/ to dance ) -dancing
2. Could you please stop (making / to make ) so much noise ?- making
3. As it was late we decided (taking / to take ) a taxi home . - to take
4. (Visiting / to visit ) a new city can be exciting . - visiting
5. I think George forgot ( doing / to do ) this task .- to do
6. How old were you when you learnt (driving / to drive ) ? - to drive
7. I don't enjoy (writing / to write ) letters . - writing .
8. Why don't you keep on ( looking / to look ) at me like that ? - looking
9. We decided not ( going / to go ) out because of the weather .- to go
10. He pretended not (seeing / to see ) me as he passed me in the street . - to see
11. I really enjoy (going/to go ) for long walks in the country . - going
12. I don't know whether (going / to go ) to the party . - to go
13. Ton explained how ( changing / to change ) money .- to change
14. I don't mind (going / to go ) out this evening .- going

2)Make up If-sentences ^

1. Probably it wiil be very cold tomorrow . We will put on our fur-coats . / If it is very cold tomorrow we will put on our fur-coats .
2. I was too tired , that's why I didn't go out . / if I hadn't been too tired I would have gone out .
3. I have no chewing gum , that's why I can't give it ti you . / if I had chewing gum , I could give it to you .
4. This house is very small , we don't buy it . / if this house was bigger we would buy it .
5. The accident happened : the driver in front stopped so suddenly . / if driver in front hadn't stopped so suddenly accident wouldn't have happened .
6. Perhaps one day you will lose your passport in a foreign country . You will go to Consulate . / Perhaps one day If you lose your passport you will go to consulate .

3) Make sentences from the words given using Complex object :
1. There's a football match next Sunday between England and Scotland .
( You /want / anyone / know ) ?
Do you want anyone to know ?
2. Unfortunately someone had told Mary that I was going to visit her .
( I / want / it / be a surprise )
I wanted it to be a surprise .
3. The company didn't have the licence for exporting its goods .
( The company / ask / the government / give / licence )
The company asks government to give licence .
4. The company 's financial state is good .
( It / let / the company / enter / international market )
It lets the company to enter international market .

4.Translate into Russian :
1. Reading English magazines on economy is important for an economist .
Чтение английских журналов по экономике важно для экономиста .
2. The organizers of the conference were informed of his refusing to take part in it .
Организаторы конференции были осведомлены об его отказе принимать участие в ней .
3. The problem to be discussed was connected with the city water supply system .
Обсуждаемая проблема была связана с городской системой водоснабжения / Проблема , которая будет обсуждаться ,была связана с городской системой водоснабжения .
4. He wanted us to visit the art exhibition .
Он хотел ,чтобы мы посетили худ выставку .
5. I expect you to tell me everything .
Я жду,что ты мне все расскажешь .
6. The lecture was said to be very interesting .
Говорят ,что эта лекция была очень интересной .
7. The English delegation is believed to come at the end of the month .
Английская делегация полагает приехать в конце этого месяца .
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Сообщение Мээрим » 04.11.2015, 20:14

Charles)Please marry me Fiona.I ant you, i need you,i love you.
Fiona).I"m sorry,Charkes,but i can"t.
Charles). Oh,Fiona.Why not?
Fiona).Well,Charkes. I like you ...i like you a lot...but i don"t love you .
Charles.)But Fiona ,love isn"t everything.
Fiona.)Oh,Charles,you don"t understand...for me love is everything.
Charles).Do you love another man Fiona?
Fiona.)Yes,Charles,i do...James.
Charles.)Not James Milton!
Fiona).Yes,James Milton.
Charles).But he doesn"t want you.He"s engaged.
Fiona.)I know.
Charles.)But Fiona ,James isn"t a rich man.I can give you everything. What do you want ?Clothes?Money?Travel?A big house?
Fiona)No,Charles. I want those things.I only want James.

Помогите перевести диалог в косвенную речь

Сообщение Дмитрий Русаков » 24.02.2016, 18:58

Помогите перевести диалог в косвенную речь.

- Are you aground?
- Yes, around on rocky bottom.
- What part is aground?
- Aground forward.
- What kind of assistance do you require?
- I require escort.
- Can you jettison cargo forward to refloat?
- Yes, I can jettison cargo forward.
- Attention! Do not jettison IMO – class cargo.
Дмитрий Русаков

Сообщение светлана » 14.04.2016, 19:14

English Guru, Помогите,пожалуйста перевести диалог в косвенную речь.
A: What's your name, please?
B: Elliott Fisher.
A: OK. Now, where and when did you witness
the incident, Mr Fisher?
В: I was crossing Murphy Street at about 9 o'clock
on Saturday night.
A: What exactly did you see?
B: Yes. I saw a gang of boys shouting at another
boy. Then they pushed him to the ground and
took his bag.
A: What happened next?
В: I shouted at the gang to stop and they all ran
A: Can you describe any of the gang?
В: I noticed that one of them was very tall and
was wearing a green baseball cap.
A: OK. Is there anything else you can tell me
about the incident?
B: Erm ... No, I don't think so.
A: Can I take your address and telephone number,
B: Of course. My address is 7, Scarsdale Drive
and my telephone number is 382736.
A: Thank you very much.
B: You're welcome.
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Сообщение светлана » 21.05.2016, 15:20

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помогите пожалуйста диалог перевести в косвенную речь

Сообщение katya » 24.09.2016, 18:53

B: Good afternoon, Mr.White!
W: Is Doctor Sandford in?
B:No ,he is not . Doctor Sandford is still in the hospital

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[b]помогите пожалуйста срочно, нужно диалог перевести в косвенную речь[/b]
B: Good afternoon, Mr.White!
W: Is Doctor Sandford in?
B:No ,he is not . Doctor Sandford is still in the hospital.
W:Is Mrs.Sandford is out.She is in the park with Benny,and old Mrs.Sandford is not well.
B:Oh , that is a pity!What is the matter? It is not the flu, is it ?
B: Oh, no, it is a bad cold ,she is better today.
W:Is she in bed?
B:No she is not.Come in, Mr.White , and have a talk with Mrs.Sanford. She is always glad to see you.
W:Perhaps,some other day,Betty!
B:I am so sorry Mr.Sandford is not at home yet.
W: That is all right.Remember me to Mrs.Sandford.
B:Yes, Mr.White.
W: So long then, Betty!
B: So long, MR.White. On Satuday Mr Sandford is at home after four.

Здравствуйте, помогите перевести в косвенную речь.

Сообщение Виталий Андрот » 16.02.2017, 15:53

Olga: I'm looking forward to seeing this movie.
Matt: Me, too.
Olga: I'm glad the cinema is still playing it since we were too busy to see it last week.
Matt: Did you read any reviews of the movie?
Olga: No, I didn't. But I don't care. I want to see Brad Pitt. He's my favourite actor.
Matt: And I want to see Julia Roberts. She's my favourite actress.
Виталий Андрот

Сообщение Руслан » 05.03.2018, 16:24

Помогите перевести в косвенную речь, срочно

-Can i play outside, Mum?
-Yes, all right. It's cold outside. Where are your gloves?
-I dont't know. I can't find them.
-Whose gloves are these?
-They're Edward's. You can't wear those gloves, Adam. They're too small for you.
-These are Helen's gloves. Are they big enough?
-Yes, they are. Thanks, Mum.

крик о помощи

Сообщение Onarina » 23.10.2018, 10:29

Прошу помощи в переводе диалога в косвенную речь.Please))) SOS
Will: I hear you like your new job/
Jane: I do. I like it a lot! So many amazing things happen every day/ Yesterday I interviewed a famous footballer. Unfortunately I can`t tell you the name before the article is printed.
Will: Don`t worry about that. I`ll read it in the paper tomorrow. as far as I understand, you aren`t working in the head office today.
Jane: I`am not. I`m going to a place where an important event is likely to happen. Please, don`t ask me which. It`s top secret.
Will: You sound like a secret agent. Give me a ring when you are through with this. I`d like to take you out for a meal to celebrate your new job. Don`t ask me in which restoraunt - it`s top secret.

косвеная речь

Сообщение людмила П. » 14.12.2018, 22:49

Помогите,пожалуйста,перевести в косвеную речь My friend said : Let's go to swimming

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помогите,пожалуйста,перевести предложение в косвеную речь My friend said: Let's go to swimming
людмила П.


Сообщение MahtrokG » 05.05.2020, 10:42

Jake: Hi Suzy. Where are you off to? Джейк: Привет Сьюзи. Куда направляешься?
Suzy: Oh I’ve got art class tonight. Fancy coming along? Сьюзи: У меня сегодня вечером занятие по искусству. Хочешь пойти со мной?
Jake: Me? Art class? I don’t think so. Джейк: Я? На занятие по искусству? Не думаю.
Suzy: Not ‘extreme’ enough for you, I suppose! Сьюзи: Предполагаю, что это не достаточно “экстремально” для тебя.
Jake: That’s right. Джейк: Это так.
Suzy: By the way, how did the white-water rafting go? Сьюзи: Кстати, как идут дела со сплавом на плотах?
Jake: Great. I’ve got a few bruises but I just love it! It’s such an amazing sport! Джейк: Великолепно! У меня осталось несколько синяков, но я просто люблю это дело! Это удивительный вид спорта!
Suzy: And so what’s next … learning to fly a plane? Сьюзи: А дальше что? Будешь учиться летать на самолете?
Jake: No, but I’m going snowboarding this weekend. Джейк: Нет, но на этой неделе я собираюсь кататься на сноуборде.
Suzy: Oh really? Where? Сьюзи: Правда? Где?
Jake: You know, the ski centre near my father’s village. Why don’t you come along? We’ll have a great time. Джейк: Ты знаешь лыжный центр возле деревни моего отца. Почему бы не пойти со мной? Мы отлично проведем время!
Suzy: Me? No way! I’d rather swim with sharks than slide down a mountain on a piece of wood. Сьюзи: Я? Ни за что! Я буду лучше плавать вместе с акулами, чем катиться вниз с горы на деревянной доске.
Jake: Well, why not just come and watch then? Джейк: Ну, почему бы просто не пойти посмотреть?
Suzy: I suppose I could. I know – I’ll bring my camera. Сьюзи: Думаю, что могла бы. Я возьму камеру.
Jake: Yeah. You might get some great action shots of me for your art class. Джейк: Ага. Ты смогла бы сделать отличные снимки в движении для твоих занятий по искусству.
Suzy: OK. Well, I’d better get going. I’ll call you about it later. Сьюзи: Хорошо. Ну, я лучше пойду. Я позвоню тебе по этому поводу позже.
Jake: OK. Bye. Джейк: Хорошо. Пока.

Плез переведите в косвенную речь.

Помогите пожалуйста. Нужно диалог перевести в косвенную речь

Сообщение Дашан » 30.05.2020, 15:17

Помогите пожалуйста. Нужно диалог перевести в косвенную речь
Salesman: Oh, the usual. So what'll it be for today? There's some fine eggplant, and there's some great zucchini.
Harry: What's that? Salesman: What ... this? This here is a tomato, Harry. Harry: No, not that! That yellow thing, there.
Salesman: Oh this, these are yellow peppers. They are sweet. They're good in salad.
Harry: I'll take three.
Salesman: Okay, do you want this big one?
Harry: Yes, I want the three biggest ones.
Salesman: Okay, here you are.
Harry: Thanks.
Salesman: That's two twenty.
Harry: Two twenty for three peppers!
Salesman: That's the price.
Harry: Okay, but it's expensive. Here's the money.
Salesman: Thanks. Prices are high for me too. Here's your change. See you later.
Harry: Good-bye.

Сообщение Ева » 22.12.2020, 14:51

Помогите, пожалуйста, перевести диалог в косвенную речь)
Between a student and his senior colleague (старшим по курсу товарищем).
Hallo, Bob! Glad to meet you.
Hallo, Pete. It's nice to see you. How are you?
Thank you. Fine. Hope you are well too. By the way, I saw Victor, your roommate, this morning. He looks very happy. 1 wonder why.
No wonder. He did well in his exams.
Good for him! And what about you? Did you get through?
No, I was most unfortunate. I failed in history.
Failed? You don't say so. What's the reason? ~ To be frank with you, I missed (cut) lectures rather often and sometimes didn't attend seminars. In general I didn't work hard enough.
For shame! It serves you right. It'll be a good lesson for you.

Сообщение Elena 21 » 18.04.2021, 21:49

Помогите перевести диалог в косвенную речь, пожалуйста!!!!!
Andy: Welcome back , John! How was your holiday?
John: don't ask! It was the worst holiday I've ever had/
Andy: In the Caribbean?
John: Yes. So many things went wrong!
Andy: Like what?
John: Well, for a start my friend left his passport at home. We had to go home and fetch it, so we missed our flight!
Andy: Oh no, how terrible! So what did you do?
John: Well, we caught the next flight ... which was delayed ... and then to make matters worse the airline lost my luggage
Andy: Oh dear! Surely things were a bit better when you got there.
John: I wish! It rained every day! No one told us we were going in the raining season!
Andy: What an absolute nightmare! Ih well, try to look on the bright side - It’s not safe to get a suntan these days anyway!
John: Huh! I’ll tell you what ... I’m staying at home next year!
Elena 21

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Сообщение Гриша » 01.12.2021, 13:59

переделайте в косвеннуб речь пж срочно нужно!!!!

- Hello, Nelly! How are you?
- Fine, thanks, Liz. Why didn't you come to the party yesterday.
- Sorry, Nelly. I was really busy. I was preparing for the Math exam yesterday.
- Have you passed your exam yet?
- Yes, I have. I passed my exam in the morning.
- Do you know your mark Nelly?
- No, I'll know my mark tomorrow. I hope it will be good.
- Of course it will.Everybody knows you're good at Maths. Will you be free tomorrow, Nelly?
- I think i will.
- Will you go to the cinema with us?
- Oh, I'd love to Liz.



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Описание: Поможем с английским языком. В первую очередь помогаем тем, кто просит проверить задание, которое было выполнено самостоятельно. Отвечаем на вопросы, консультируем. Помощь с английским оказывается бесплатно.

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