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How to carry out daily maintenance of mortar pump

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In the last issue, we talked about several reasons for the low efficiency of the mortar pump. Today, we will teach you how to carry out the daily maintenance of the mortar pump, so as to improve the operating efficiency ratio of the mortar pump:

1 strictly follow the operation procedures and requirements of each model of mortar pump.

2 whenever the operator changes shifts, he should check the lubrication of each component.

3. After the mortar pump is replaced with a new bearing, it should be cleaned and replaced with a new oil after 100 hours of operation. In the future, the oil should be changed every 1000-1500 hours of operation, and the grease should be changed every 2000-2400 hours of operation.

4 always check whether the operating temperature of all bearings is within the normal range. The temperature of the bearing shall not be higher than the ambient temperature by 35 ℃; The maximum temperature that the bearing can bear: the maximum temperature of rolling bearing shall not exceed 75 ℃, and the maximum temperature of sliding bearing shall not exceed 65 ℃.

5 always pay attention to the operation of the equipment. Once it is found that the mortar pump emits abnormal sound or vibration during operation, stop the machine in time and find out the cause and solve it.

6 always keep the pump and surrounding environment clean and tidy, and eliminate running, emitting, dripping and leakage in time. The sealing meets the requirements.

7 remind the maintenance personnel to take up their posts regularly, check the equipment and deal with the problems found in time.

8 if the ambient temperature of the mortar pump is low, when the pump is stopped, all waste liquid in the pump body should be drained in time to prevent the cracking of the casing and parts.
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