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The majority of the new game features that are included in FIFA 23

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Another feature that I was interested in trying on my own was the new Physics system. As HyperMotion 2 being touted as an opportunity to bring more realistic mechanics into the game I wanted to test how the changes would have an impact at all. Well, it's an uncertain outcome in this regard. On the one hand, there's the new revamped ball's physics when you switch play. The ball rotates and spins real-time as you track the ball's trajectory.

However it is true that the elements EA has highlighted in the pre-release, such as collision physics and deflections look and feel the same as the previous year. While the weight of the players has increased , for the better however, players continue to collide with each other and cause unrealistic collisions, especially considering the tendency to keep your hand glued to that sprint button.

Many of the latest deflections made by the extended leg or foot can only be observed on replay, and from the some of the replays I've watched, I've noticed that these shots particularly the power version -- will cause some painful injuries. Deflections and 50-50s are still favored by the AI particularly as you get used to new body models and what they mean regarding acceleration.

HyperMotion and realistic physical physics don't work. There's still way too much sliding and unnatural movements which impede on the realistic results. Sliders such as OS Community Sliders aid in slowing the game down and make it more realistic, however they can only do the job in terms of the physical aspects of the game.

The majority of the new gameplay options in FIFA 23 all stem from one factor, HyperMotion 2. HyperMotion is the base the game is built on and shouldn't not be misinterpreted as the game's engine. By using 11-on-11 motion capture with Xsens outfits, EA was able to create realistic animations and integrate them into a system through Machine Learning, which is supposed to make animations on fly and produce "true-to-life" reproductions. With regards to FIFA 23, here's what's new in HyperMotion 2 and what it can do to compete.

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